Thursday, January 18, 2018

Countdown (1) --- Essential pictures you need to know (340 - 331)

Here's the first installment of our new countdown, a collection of essential pictures. Occasionally we've been able to identify the model(s) or the photographer. If you know more or better, leave a comment. 

Alex-Ade Ogundiran photography

Panic carefully

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New in the gallery --- Allen Todd Yaeger

Allen Todd Yaeger

 (From the artist's website:)

I currently live in New York City. I am a professional working artist who has been selling portraits since the age of 12. I was born in the 60s and graduated from high school in the 80s. I sold my work at a gallery in Washington, DC for many years, but more recently my work has sold at the Leslie + Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art here in New York, as well as in private and public shows and on this website.

The artist

The artwork included on this sight ranges from my large scale detailed paintings to sketches, studies, portraits, self portraits, and nudes. Fortunately I grew up close to cities where I could visit some of the worlds greatest art museums. I have many interests with my art but my main focus is pretty much on people. Though some of my work is conceptual I will do a picture just for it's beauty, and nothing is more beautiful to me than the human form. I am a fan of much artwork which would not be considered conventionally beautiful, however I find many different kinds of unusual people to be fascinating  subjects.  I hope you enjoy the artwork.  I've included some descriptions of the inspiration behind different works.

(more art on our Gallery Page)

Wednesday surprise

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Very short story

The Wrapping Paper Wars --- by Chuck Teixeira

By Chuck Teixeira

Gift wrap for Christmas was more elaborate than the stuff used in September exchanges among secret friends. On every block between Parque Lourdes and Calle 53, a dozen people were selling the stuff. Most of the vendors were old women with worried faces, all the more wrinkled against the smooth finish of the rolls marshaled or rioting just below their chins. School vacation begun, children reinforced the rickety carts guarding their grandmothers.

He made enough money to neglect school

Alvaro had not been much older – or taller -- than these ragged elves when armed rebels blew up a power station near Bogota, and the longest blackout in Colombia’s history rotated through town. Among his early ventures, he hauled crates of candles to intersections to sell to motorists in tangled traffic. That summer, he made money enough to to neglect school and search instead for another hole to plug profitably. By the time we met, he had developed and sold a small mint that stamped out tejo disks marked for different neighborhood and factory leagues – the humbler the patron, the greater the demand. And he was unloading a factory that produced heavy cotton tees with logos for Ciudad Bolivar and other slums that the young professionals rabid for the shirts would never dare enter.

Alvaro slept late most mornings

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Very short story

Paint it black

People were asking: Harem rock...Paint it black...quartertones? Here, you millennials, here is the answer:

And now the post again:

Michael Ampersant (text) and Theo Blaze (art)

Michael Ampersant had dreamed of using some poetry in THIS IS HEAVEN (his second book)---one character speaking in verse, say---but nothing came of it. But then he discovered that the first part of Chapter 33, "Harem Rock" would actually work as poetry if reformatted as a stanza. Nothing up to Shakespeare standards, but still. Next, the formidable Theo Blaze put up an invite on his site, asking authors to come up with a brief story to illustrate one of his pictures. Michael reacted, and they got a deal; Michael would write a story, if Theo would create an illustration for "Harem Rock." And there we are:

Why couldn’t you,
At the end of a page-turning,
Adverb-packed day,
Of unparalleled heat levels.

And now the typical complication of a hinterland orgy...

Why couldn’t you,
Just down the third ‘fortification’ the lady of the house was handing you,
And chuck your dirty shorts one more time,
And let the sex slave fix the Magic-Mike collar around your neck.

In view of the advanced hour,
We’ll keep the strip-tease to a minimum.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Lustspiel agony --- "We're talking about wives literally banging on the bathroom door because they've been in there for four hours masturbating and their penis is bleeding." --- Part III

Text from an article in 1843 (an offshoot of The Economist) Dec. 2017, pp 84-89. Images from Kristen Bjorn's short film Wild Seed, starring Ridder Riviera, Ivan Gregory, and Andy Star. For Bjorn's entire clip, see our earlier post Sheer Lust. For the previous part, go here.

Few men are ever comfortable seeking guidance
from other men, particularly about sex.

Most men end up learning what they feel
they need to know from pornography.
Religion can exacerbate these problems.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sheer lust --- J. D. Cadinot (1) --- Harem --- uber-classic French vintage (57 min)

Cool, folks, we finally found it: a copy of the classical French vintage porn "Harem" from JD Cadinot Studios, produced in 1984. Pierre-Yves arrives in Tangiers and heads for the sauna, where he meets like-minded locals. That's how it starts...and that's how it ends with a fabulous circle jerk after his extended excursion to the souk, so stay tuned...fifty seven minutes...hold on, there's a coda...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New in the gallery --- Oliver Frey (Zack)

Oliver Frey

(From the artist's biography:)

Born in Zurich in 1948, Oliver Frey grew up fluent in Italian — his parents hailed from Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland — as well as German. His artistic career started in 1956, when he was almost eight, and the Frey family went to live in Britain. On the flight a steward handed the puzzled Oliver a Dan Dare badge. He had never heard of the Pilot of the Future, but discovered tucked under the cushions of a sofa in the hotel the family stayed in for a week copies of Eagle comic, and the badge and the Dan Dare strip matched up.

Oliver as a corporal in the Swiss Army, 1967

When he started school in Wembley, young Oliver discovered that his classmates were comic-mad, especially for Eagle. There had been no such comics in Switzerland and he was immediately taken by the quality of the artwork, immersing himself in the deeds of Dan Dare and the dastardly Mekon. He began copying the drawings of Eagle's artists, and their styles became seminal influences. The sensation of bodies in movement, often in violent action, captured his imagination—a quality that has never left his work.
Did he inherit his talent for drawing? ‘I wouldn't say my family was particularly artistic,’ he recalls, ‘although my great-grandfather had been a painter of landscapes and portraits who’d made his way in the USA. I only ever saw a couple of his paintings. My family encouraged me to keep drawing, though.’...[continues here].

(More art on our gallery page)
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